Network and Workstation Qualified Technician

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In this position one is on-call 24/7 working on networking systems in various business settings. The network and workstation-qualified technician may be called upon to perform many types of network-qualified and workstation-qualified tasks at any time as well as responding with extreme efficiency. It is important that one is self-motivated and able to work successfully independently. This person must be able to communicate proficiently with customers as well as working well in a team. This position requires one to have working knowledge of current technologies and the ability to follow standard operating practices to competently diagnose client issues. A large part of the position is basic maintenance of systems and networks.


  • Workstation support:
    • Diagnosing user level issues
    • End user support:
      • Answer phone calls
      • Routine systems maintenance
      • Malicious software removal
      • Data recovery
      • Multi system imaging and deployment
    • Hardware diagnostics
    • Hardware and software purchasing
    • Installing software and hardware
    • Management of work stations and IP configuration
    • Receive hardware deliveries
    • Using diagnostic tools
  • Network support:
    • Basic understanding of DHCP/DNS
    • Configuration, management, and maintenance of network info structure including documentation of hardware locations and configurations network layouts
    • VPN configurations
    • Wire shark
  • General:
    • Documentation of steps performed
    • Following standard operating procedures (SOP) and guidelines
    • Implementation of resolution
    • On-site and remote client support
    • Open communication with other techs, leads, and office personnel
    • Proper appearance
    • Understanding and using mobile platforms
    • Using file versioning systems (SharePoint, etc)
    • Working with a ticket system
  • Basic scheduled maintenance
  • Being available and responsive 24/7
  • Being on-site within an hour (depending contract) or scheduling evening work with the client if the issue is invasive
  • Communicating with other techs often
  • Constantly checking ticket system, calendar, and email
  • Following up on network related appointments
  • Planning the day around appointments and projects
  • Responding to User Help Requests in the Ticket System

3| Daily Responsibilities:

Availability Expectations of Position

  • On-call availability 24-7-365 (Limited Response Expected)
    • Mission critical network and server outages as needed.
    • Client Phone Calls
      • Schedule for “normal business hours” non-critical activities or escalate to supervisor if requested outside of business hours.
    • Supervisor and technician calls to verify documented or undocumented activities performed for clients during shift or scheduled onsite or offsite work.
  • Normal On-Call Business Hours Availability 7AM to 6PM
    • Scheduled Appointments
    • Provide Telephone, Chat, Ticket System, and Remote Support as needed
    • Bench work as needed
  • Scheduled availability for system maintenance and server maintenance as needed.
    • Evenings, weekends, and holidays, as scheduled
  • Expected no on-call/on-site response times:
    • 2 weekends per month of no scheduled or emergency response
    • 2 Weeks Paid Vacation Annually
  • Expected work hours per week: 40-45 typical, Evening and Weekend scheduled work is expected to maintain networks and servers.

4 | Organizational Relationships:

In partnership with workstation-qualified techs, bench techs, and deferring to Lead tech and office personnel


5 | Skills/Knowledgebase

  • Flexibility
  • High level of people skills
  • Proficiency in:
    • All operating system branches
    • Computer maintenance
    • Data recovery
    • Diagnosing
    • Imaging solutions
    • Installing peripheral computer technology
    • Installing operating systems and software
    • Network wiring
    • Network rack installation
    • Operation and configuration of:
      • Network hardware
      • Network software
      • Network Management utilities
      • Firewalls
    • Running network cable
    • Setting up and testing hardware
    • Setup and configure of mobile platforms
    • Software diagnostic
    • Solution oriented Skills
    • Spam filtration
    • Telco switch installation and management
    • Trouble shooting user issues
    • Understanding of network configurations
    • Working Knowledge of Active Directory, Open Directory, and LDAP
    • Working Knowledge Cisco Security Appliances
    • Working knowledge of Linux appliance environments (PFsense, Monowall, Openfiler, Etc.)

6 | Experience

  • Required 2 years field experience
  • Required 1-2 years customer service
  • Preferred Computer Network Operations (CNO) 2 year degree
Preferred Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA)


7 | Benefits

  • Salary $40,000 - 50,000 per year
  • Some benefits occur after a probationary period and depend on position
  • Mileage reimbursement (if applicable)
  • Paid vacation
  • Insurance (medical, dental, vision, Rx)
  • Simple IRA
  • Company provided
    • IPhone
    • Laptop
    • Tools/Workbag
  • Car

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